GERG nyheder oktober

7. november 2014

GERG udsender et månedligt nyhedsbrev med nyt om EU's forskningsprogrammer og andre emner af gasteknisk interesse. 

Nyhedsbrevet for oktober 2014  omhandler bl.a.:

Technology and R&D News
- Expect $1.6 Trillion in Clean Energy Investments through 2020, Says IEA
- Commission Approves €86.6 Million French Aid for SuperGrid Research
- Programme to Develop Innovative Energy Transmission Networks
- Europe gears up to make fusion energy a reality
- Turning Humble Seaweed to Biofuel
- Minimise the Risks, Think Cold Bonding
Gas News
- Shale Gas in Poland - From Exploration to Exploitation
- Majority of Spaniards Favour Exploration of Hydrocarbons
- Cyprus Will Export Liquefied Natural Gas “By 2022”
- Deeper Oil Slump a ‘Disaster’ Risk for LNG Projects
- Europe to Boost Gas Storage as It Seek Diversification
Energy and Other News
- German Clean Energy Shift Can Ignore Storage for Now, Study Says
- IEA Finds Energy Efficiency Is Fuel for Economic Growth
- France aims for ‘energy positive’ public buildings
- Innovation, not restrictions, should be our response to climate change
- Can Bioenergy Replace Coal?
- How solar energy could be the largest source of electricity by mid-century

DGC er medlem af GERG, det europæiske gasforskningssamarbejde. GERG har 15 medlemmer, der samarbejder om F&U projekter og varetager F&U interesser på gasområdet over for EU-kommissionen.